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Headphones from China | Description and How to Chose | Itsyh

Why we will use headphones?

Peoples love music. But we don’t want to disturb others while listening to music. So headphones can help to solve this problem.

As one of the top electronic suppliers in China, we will make a description of the functions, also list our headphones for you chose easily. 

Headphones main advantage:

  1. The headphones allow you to listen to your favorite TV programs and music without disturbing others.
  2. Used as an audio chat tool, With a microphone on the headphone.
  3. You can also use the headphone as an FM radio.
  4. Used as a monitoring system.
  5. Some can have the speaker function.

Wireless Headphones list:

Model TW-699 WT8-043 WT8-042 TW-809 LF03-232 WT8-039
wireless headphone 699 Headphones 042 Headphones TW-809 LF03-232 Headphone WT8-039
Bluetooth: No 4.0 JR 4.2+EDR 4.1 3.0 4.2
Sound:       40mm(Signal to noise ratio≥45dB) 30mm(Signal to noise ratio≥90dB) 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Cup size: 80mm 45*55mm 70mm 80mm 90mm 80mm
Comfortable: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foldable: - - - Yes Yes Yes
Music: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microphone: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FM radio: Yes - - - Yes Yes
Chat tool: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TV sound: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor System: - - - - - -
Touch Control: - - - - - -
Charge Time: AAA batteries 2-3Hours 2.5Hours 2Hours 3Hours 3Hours
Play Time: 10Hours 6Hours(lighting) 15Hours (non-lighting) 7Hours 3-7Hours 6Hours


 Above listed are Wireless Headphones,

There are differences between Wireless Headphones and Wired Headphone.

 Wireless Headphones

Wired Headphones

Having No Cable to plug in. Better Sound Quality
You are free to roam No battery to charge

Have to charge every time when running out of energy

Not free to walk anywhere
Different Wireless technologies, Bluetooth RF and infrared Cheap Cable may be broken


Wired Headphones List:

Model WL7-178 TW-763 WL7-158 TW-1818 LF01-204N
Headphone WL7-178 Headphone TW-763 Headphone WL7-158 Headphone TW-1818 Headphones LF01-204N
Bluetooth: No No No No No
Sound: 30mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 50mm
Cup size: 70mm 70mm 80mm 70mm 80mm
Comfortable:   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foldable: No Yes No Yes No
Music: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microphone:     Yes No Yes No Yes
FM radio: No No No No No
Chat tool: Yes No Yes No Yes
TV sound: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor System:          No No No No No
Touch Control: No No No No No
Charge Time: No No No No No
Play Time: continuously continuously continuously continuously continuously

How to chose the Headphones and Earphones?

Different kind headphones and earphones description:

  1. Earbuds: The earbuds are Cheap and Portable. Sit simply outside the auditory meatus. Prone to sound leakage. Not appropriate for physical exertion. Sound quality isn't superb.
  2. In-ear headphones: Sit deep within the auditory meatusmanufacture smart sound quality and noise isolation
  3. On-ear supra-aural headphones: Consists of foam/leather pads that just on your ear. Do not form a seal and leak some music. Sound quality is nice but less than over-ear models. And it is more portable than over-ears.
  4. Over-ear headphones: That have cushioned-cups that cover the entire ear. they have two types. One is open-backed headphones: phenomenal sound. good for DJs and Musicians on stage. The other is closed-backed, that Isolation of awesome noise.

We should check the key element - driver.

The core element of any headphones is Driver. The headphones are wont to convert associate degree electrical signal into associate degree hearable sound signal. Differing kinds of headphones use differing kinds of drivers. The balanced-armature driver employed in in-ear headphones, whereas over-ear headphones use static drivers. Larger drivers principally mean higher quality, however not perpetually.

The different kind of headphone suggests for different occasion:

  • Gaming Headsets – Play headsets usually have deep bass, high volume, and extremely low distortion. The explanation they’re referred to as play headsets, not headphones, is as a result of they even have an inbuilt mic through that they'll communicate with different players of online games. Play headsets area unit sometimes over-ear headphones in terms of style.
  • Sports Headphones – Sports headphones area unit sometimes employed by folks throughout work-out sessions. one among the common reason for this usage is as a result of music motivates folks. In such state of affairs, earphones area unit a lot of appropriate than life-sized headphones thanks to their light-weight. One issue you must keep in mind is to continually use sweat-resistant and sturdy headphones for physical exercise functions.
  • DJ Headphones – DJ headphones have sometimes massive earcups and high volume. These headphones even have high bass.

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